Landscape mode on mobile

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if it’s possible to view a graph or dashboard on a mobile device in landscape mode. I have a hidden tab, and a button available on the main tab showing for example “battery voltage”, when I select the button, the graph presents itself, but it would be much better if it showed on the device in landscape mode. Is this possible?

If the Portrait Orientation Lock is Off on your cellphone when you use it horizontally, all the widgets will be displayed in the landscape mode.

That’s simply not the case, as I was hoping. I have been using RUN on my mobile (ios) for months now, and it has never gone to landscape mode. I have orientation lock OFF. Photos etc rotate perfectly, but not TagoRun…

Slight clarification, the landscape mode works fine for a normal dashboard, but not for blueprint dashboards. Is this a known issue?

Hi @sevils,
I’m sorry, you are right!
This looks like a bug for the TagoRUN app. I was testing using the TagoIO app and it’s working perfectly for this one.
I’m going to open an internal issue to our team, and I’ll let you know when it is fixed.