Lack of GPS data

Hi, sorry for my basic question, but I’m new on the block.
On my map I must put latitude and longitude, however Tago only provides “gps_location” which is the latitude data, leaving out the longitude. How do I add the variable “gps_lng” available on my devices, but not available on Tago’s “Bucket”?

As I know, you can’t add the latitude and longitude values separately at Tago.
Tago uses a variable called location which looks like this:

You can check this example at your device on the Emulator tab.
There are 2 samples for GPS coordinates in the emulator, “Map pin sample” and “Car sample”, you can experiment with them to find out how the map widget works.
The location for Tago is have to be provided in JSON format to work out of the box. Or you can use any other format, but in this case you have to write a custom payload parser for your device.
If you you provide gps location in the format used in the emulator then you can easily set up a map widget to show the location.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your answer.

Yep, I know about “gps_location” variable that works pretty good on map, however (I’m not sure how) it appeared the “gw_location” variable that shows lat and lng data too. You can see on attached picture.


Works for us in this 24x7 demo dashboard
details at
2-minute video at

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