KORE Wireless Integration


We are working with KORE Wireless in Brazil and now are connecting our devices in they system.
The idea is create 500 devices on KORE the same time with .csv file. To do this KORE ask for APPLICATION EUI acording they this is a unique number provided by TagoIO.

! [image | 310x260] (upload: //qhPBANO1M2FAIv4WsPx0jUHWbK2.png)

This information are correct? If yes, where I get APPLICATION EUI?

Until now everytime that I created a device on TagoIO I use on APPLICATION EUI same number of DEVICE EUI.

Hi Ronaldo,
The application EUI is provided by your hardware manufacturer. TagoIO doesn’t provide or use the Application EUI in anyway.

In order to register devices at TagoIO, wee need you to provide only the Device EUI. As for Kore integration, they need an Authorization code.

Ok, Thank you @vitor