Khomp NIT21LI and Tago suggested dashboard

I am trying to receive all data from a Khomp NIT21LI endpoint, but I cannot parse properly the temperature and humidity. I am using the 2.5 endpoint version and NLT LoRaWAN network. NLT is working fine.

But in Tago I cannot receive temperature or humidity data, even with different payload parsers scripts. Is there another script dedicated to Khomp NIT endpoints?

Exemple of encrypted_payload:

    "variable": "encrypted_payload",
    "value": "x84UWZcXoeDtpidCfNobBRXj5kE="

Hi @andre.antivilo, usually when the payload is not decrypted (payload variable), you have problems with the encryption keys(device or NLT platform). Did you check to see if everything is right?

I changed the endpoint configuration to NS (in encryption option in NLT endpoint setup), instead of APP. So, that was enough and data start to be parsed correctly.