Is it possible to have Voice phone call Alerts

Hi all

Does anyone know if it is possible to have voice phone call alerts in TAGOio?

Hi @harvey.ecoenergy ,

For sure it is possible, you will need to access an external endpoint (API) through an analysis.

So, lets say you want an emergency call whenever the temperature is higher than 35, then you need to create an ACTION to listen for the sensor’s “temperature” variable and triggers an ANALYSIS.

On that analysis you check if “temperature” > 35 and then decide to do the phone call through the API endpoint. Analysis uses a NodeJS environment so you can search for companies that provide phone call handling through API and access through that.

Let me know if that helped you clarify your idea.


Hey Guilherme

Thanks for responding…

Yep I now understand
I am not a a frequent code writer… I understand the concept

yes you have helped me realise what is possible .


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