Is it possible to assign a variable to chart X axis?

i saw that in Charts, is possible to assign a variable to Y axis, while X axis represent date/time.
Is it possible to have a variable in X axis instead?
variable = samples=(1,2,3,4,5,6) ==> X axis
variable = temperature=(30,27,32,25,29,30) ==> Y axis
where, any new variable incoming from device overwrite old values already plotted.
Is it possible?


Is this what you want?

To achive this it’s quite simple, actually. You need 2 variables: let’s call them plot_value and temperature.

plot_value is the x axis, so you will need to send a value for each tick on that axis. The structure that should be sent is this:

    "variable": "plot_value",
    "serie": 1,
    "value": 1

serie is very important. For each new value, increase the serie field by 1 (1, 2, 3…). Because everytime that you send the data with a different series, a new tick will be created. The tick label will be the actual value in the structure.

For the temperature variable, send the exact same structure but change the variable to temperature, and the serie to match the same serie of the plot_value. So for you to insert a value in the third X-axis tick, you would send serie as 3, for example.

To configure this structure on the chart, go to the Data Range & Format tab, set the Use X axis as reference line for field as Group, and set the variable field that just popped up as the plot_value.

Is this helpful? Feel free to post another response if you are a bit lost.

Hi @mcatinoto,
On top of the explanation from @benachio, I just want to share that you may want use a Table (Dynamic table for example) to edit the value of the variables and see the results in real-time. I did one chart using bars to display the values of Occupancy / vacant for each day of the week. If you enable the option the User can edit the table, you can click on Pencil and change the values.