Is it possible to add timestamp to gauge/vu/dial/angual?

Is it possible to add timestamp to gauge/vu/dial/angual, so that i can see from what timie is data shown.

I don’t believe you have this kind of option in the Normal dashboard.

You may need to migrate to blueprint dashboards, which you have the option “Show last update” on the visual section of the widgets.

Not sure if this will help but you can create a separate “new” gauge with a timestamp. (no data just timestamp)

Just create a gauge and add in the variable you want to track.
Then under formula. Enable formula. Output = $TIME$
The gauge will then show the time the variable last arrived.

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YES it works thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Brom, is this type of widget available in Blueprint dashboards? I tried a similar method as you explained for a normal dashboard, but get an “invalid date” error…and it shows as No data available.
I was just using a “Display” widget.

Hi @sevils,

I get the same error on the blueprint dashboard using the display card. Not sure if there needs to be some additional formula modification.
BUT… this does work on the “card widget” I get a date output although the seconds at the end of the time seem to be cutoff. (Maybe I need to play with formatting more)

Additionally, On a blueprint dash you can turn on “show last update” in the visual settings which puts the last updated details in the widget header.


Thanks Ben, that’s really helpful. I was aware of the “show last update”, but that can be problematic if the page hasn’t refreshed, it gives a false impression. It would be nice if the seconds were showing. Also wondering if the date format can be changed to day/month/year, rather than month/day/year.
Thanks for the assistance. Andrew.

Hi Andrew,

Hmm… My date is in day/month/year already.
Not sure if it comes from your browser or some other setting within your account.

Under account settings I found there is a date format section. Maybe that will fix it.

Give me a shout if you figure out the seconds issue too.