"Invalid tag" when creating a new device

I am trying to create a device from an external python script. As long as I don’t input any tags the creation of the device works fine. However when trying to create the device with some tags I get as a result:

{‘status’: False, ‘message’: ‘Invalid tag’}

and the device is not created.

This is my code:

new_device = {
“name”: self.id,
“description”: “Dispositivo tipo solar”,
“active”: True,
“visible”: True,
“tags”: [{“CP type”: “Solar”}]
result = tago_account.devices.create(new_device)

What is the problem here?

hi @velo-energy,

Your tags must be an array of object with key and value.
{ key: “your_tag_name”, value: “your_tag_value” }

So, your tags are wrong, the right way is [{ key: “CP type”, value: “Solar” }]


You are right, thank you!!

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