Insert data to the bucket

Is there a way to insert data processed in an Analysis into a bucket without using the device.insert command? That is, insert data into the bucket without it being associated with a device.

Hi @ricardo,
There is no way to add data to a bucket without using a device.

Are you having any issue to capture the device through your analysis? You do have several options to get the device object through an analysis.

Some examples:
1 - You can just have the device token in the environment variables.
2 - If your analysis is being triggered by an action or analysis, you should receive the parameter origin in the scope parameter, which you can use to retrieve the token. Check the documentation:

Hi @vitor

I was trying to develop an “alert table” that centralizes alerts from multiple devices. My idea is that the table could be saved in a separate bucket, without associating a device. Do you have any tips for doing this?


Well, you can just create a HTTP device and use it to store the alerts.

Without a device, you can’t do anything with the bucket.

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