Index of SVG icons


Does anyone have a definative list of SVG files available at, e.g.

It would be great to see a list with file names rather than visually going down the list of icons on the widget setup.


Hi @tago,

The Dashboard settings page shows all of the SVGs in a dropdown with the icons and their exact names used in our static file server, some widgets only have the icons without the names displayed visually.

Screenshot from 2021-08-19 10-30-33

Does this help you? If it doesn’t, I could see about providing you the entire list of filenames.


Hi Klaus,

If you can provide a complete list of URLs that would be great.

I spend a lot of time selecting icons and it would make life easier to simply look down a complete list to see what Icon would fit best as most of my icons are assigned to data points using an Analysis, not the UI.


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What Klaus means is that you can just look up the name of the icons in a widget, then copy the name and use in the url:

I do think that providing a documentation with all the icon names is a great idea, and we will look forward to do that in the future. But you can use the other way in the meanwhile.

Hi Vitor. Understood. However, a quick

ls *svg

in the directory would be enough for my purposes :slight_smile: