Image Marker - more than one pin for each device


Is possible to put more than one pin for each device in a Image Marker?
I have a gateway device that store all the variables from many endpoints in a unique bucket, so, when I try put all variables from every endpoint, I am able to add only one pin, but I want to put all the endpoint in the image.

Can you help me with this?

You must change the Image Marker to type advanced under the Data options. The mains difference from basic to advanced, is that basic pins are set by device, where advanced pins is set by variable.

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Nice to know!

I tried do like you said, but the problem persist. Can you test in your side? Maybe its a bug, or I missing something.

Hi @julihermes.melo,
yeah. I did took a look, and it seems that you now forced to use one variable by device.

What you can do is, by using the Advanced, to use the same variable for all your different sensor, and change the parameter “serie” of the data. That way Image Marker understand that data with same serie is actually the same source, and will not treat it as different pins.