Image and Image Marker widget

Is it two different things with two different capabilities? How can I upload image on image marker?

Yes! these two widgets are different.

Image: The Image widget will give the capability for you to present custom images in your dashboard. You can use it to present the logo of your company or customer, or anything else that helps the user to better visualize your application.
To know more about it I suggest the Media documentation.

Image Marker: With the Image Marker, you can place pin markers above the selected image. You can manipulate the colors, values, and icons of each pin.
To know more about it I suggest the Layer documentation.

How can I upload an image on the image marker?

After you set up your Image Maker, click on the pencil to edit the layer, then click on the + button, now you need to inform the layer name and select the image that you want.

Just in case you need it, I’m attaching the post about the Image Marker.

See you! :v:t3:

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I try to place a pin using layer documentation. But to no avail. I cant find the layer option.

Okay, in this case, I’m going to do step by step to show you how you can set up your image marker.

On Main Configuration, you will need to inform the Layer Title and the variable that you are going to use on the Pin.

On Visualization, you will need to define a variable to store Layers information, and set up the color and icon condition for Pin.

On User Control you must inform the title for the pop-up window display.

Then you can save your Image Marker.
Now you need to create a layer and select an image do display.

Remember, to edit it you must click on the pencil, and to Add a layer click on + button and click to save it.

Now you just need to inform the Pin on your image, just select the location that you want and click on it, select the pin’s variable.

It is done!

To give more details I added an Input widget to send data.

I hope this helps you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You alinetusi. I have followed all those step but I am stuck on adding a pin. It did not allow me to set a pin variable but demand me a map. And when I click on the selection option, there’s none.

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This has happened because the Pin’s variables that you informed on the Main configuration are new and it doesn’t exist in the bucket.

You need to send data to your variable. I added my newvariable in the Input form widget and sent a data. This way the newvariable is displayed on the Pin selection.

If you don’t want to use an input form to send data, another option is to use the Device emulator, however, it is your choice. What matters here is to send data to the variable.

See you! :slight_smile:

Thank you alinetusi. :+1:

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