Icon widget size adjustment

Is there a way to reduce the size of the icon widget into a little square? See the attached image, the card widget can be made into a small square but the icon widget can not be reduced in width beyond what is shown.

Also, the visualization configuration for icon widgets on a blueprint dashboard is confusing, it appears under the blueprint device section rather than the visual section below. tago icon widget

Hi @sanimesa,
The icon widget can’t be smaller than that. But I’ll note your suggestion. :wink:
Can you explain why the visualization configuration on the icon widget is confusing?

The visualization configuration for the icon widget (such as selecting icons for specific conditions etc.) is vastly different for standard vs blueprint dashboards. The actual config screens are same but how you get to them is different.

Hence it is very confusing.


what will be the size for the dashboard picture?**

Hi @jayyad

What do you mean by the size of the dashboard picture?


Hi @phil.gutierre
I want to know what will be the ratio for the background in the dashboard?


Ey @jayyad

It doesn’t have a static ratio, because it depends a lot on the screen size, as it stretches according to the size remaining.

For example: 200px sidebar on admin and the rest for dashboard, if screen is 1920px wide on monitor then it’s 1700px for the dashboard, if it’s 1600px wide on the monitor it’s about 1400px for the dashboard.

The close answer to your question would be the ratio of 1.7777 (1920x80)

Hope it helps!