How to Use Live Inspector

The Live Inspector allows TagoIO users to monitor data sent to and from their devices. It provides an easy way to debug parser scripts and to assess if data is being sent and received correctly.

Adding a Device

To use the Live Inspector, you will need to have a device that you want to monitor. Go to the devices page in your TagoIO account , and if you do not already have a device, select Add a Device and create one.

Next, select the device you would like to monitor and run the Device Emulator. To start an emulation, choose the Emulator tab from the tool bar for your device and insert a JSON package or a raw package to emulate sending data from your device to your devices bucket.

Note: if you are sending packages not formatted in JSON you will need to create a payload parser to parse your script into JSON

Click the send arrow on the right to send the package.

Starting Live Inspector

To start Live Inspector, first click the Live Inspector tab on the tool bar and then press the green arrow to the right. All traffic to and from your device will now be recorded by the Live Inspector.

If you navigate back to the Device Emulator and resend your payload, the event will be logged and you will see a detailed description of the data associated with that package in Live Inspector.

Tips: watch the video for this here