How to store data retrieved on tago to csv files

How do i retrieve a stored data to csv files.

Hi @mike.ojo

If you want to export your stored data to a CSV file that you can use elsewhere, you have two options on how to do this.

1 - You can use the Export Data button on the buckets page. This button will give you the option to export the data you want in up to 4 different formats. Just select the format, choose some other settings according to your preference and select which variables you want to export. See the image below to find out where to find this button.

2 - If you want to export data that is linked to a specific widget. Just go to the widget you want, click on the options button in the top right corner of the widget, access the Export Data option and select between CSV and XLSX. Not all widgets will have this button, since some widgets only work with the current value of a variable, but widgets like Charts and Map will have this option. See the image below to learn how to access this option.

I hope these tips will help you do what you wanted. If that is not what you needed, please explain the situation in more detail so that I can help you.