How to send Red Node data to Tagoio

I’m using an esp8226 that sends data to node red, but I can’t send data from node red to tagoio! Does anyone have a tutorial on how to do this?

Hi Sergio,
I believe the best way to integrate with NodeRed is by using the MQTT integration with TagoIO. I’m not an expert on NodeRed integration, but this is how I usually see customers doing this integration.

You can get the broker settings from the documentation MQTT - TagoIO

I believe that after you setup your NodeRed, at some point you will need to use the node Function to create the format to send to TagoIO, such as:

Then use the MQTT Node to send data to TagoIO:

Then check your device Live Inspector to see if you’re receiving messages from the MQTT. After you confirm that, you need to create an Action to store data to bucket and set it up to the topics you’re using.