How to send files to Tago with a Python analysis

Hi everyone, I need to send a text file (example.txt) to Tago, but I couldn’t find anything that could help me with this task. I need to store it in “Files”.

Folder example:


Hi @felipe.braga,

By creating a field type “File upload” on widget input form or form control, you automatically get through the scope, its url to the file which is being uploaded automatically.

Using the following path.
-Tip: context.log or console.log the scope coming to your analysis so you can see that better.

You of course can use axios for doing a get request to that url in case you want to retrieve that file within an analysis script (get that url by saving into a bucket variable for example).

Depending on which approach you want to follow that may help, I’m not a python expert so I tried to do a work around here, let me know if that works.