How to see a preview of an Image in Dynamic table

A new feature was released and now you will be able to visualize images from the link that you have added on your dynamic table.

To show you how to do it, I’m going to use an Input Form widget to send the data to my Dynamic table.

TIP: you don’t need to change anything on the input-form, the field that you are going to use to send the image link must have the type: Text.

You can configure your Dynamic table widget as you wish, however, I’m going to use an icon instead of an image link. If you want to do as I’m going to do, change the Visualization preferences from the variable to Show Icon by adding a condition:

  • If your_variable is Anything then… (select your icon)

Then save the changes that you have just applied.

On your input form, send your image link, as demonstrated in the example below:


After I send the data above, it’s displayed this way on my Dynamic table:

Note that there is a border around the icon. This means that I sent an image link, and to visualize it I just need to click on it.

TIP: A link that is not an image will be displayed similarly to the ATT1 example, without the icon border.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any suggestions or questions, please send your comments below!