How to onboard Bosch XDK into Tago

What is the process to onboard a physical Bosch XDK into Tago. The idea is to connect the Bosch device thru Bluetooth to my cell phone and then access the Tago server in the cloud. Any help? I need to get the environmental readings from the sensor displayed on a dashboard.

Hello @Nicolas,

Bosh XDK is great!

It already supports TagoIO through MQTT you can see how to configure the MQTT on TagoIO documentation, follow it on: MQTT


Alright, MQTT is supported on TagoIO, but as you might know Bosch XDK has a SD card for config file, what configuration is required? i was hoping to get a detailed steps to follow.

Hi @Nicolas,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Bosh device to share a configuration file with you, however, you can follow any example of MQTT for Bosh XDK on the internet and change only the server address, user and password, you can check it out on our MQTT documentation.

Fell free to share to TagoIO Community the configuration file after you get it done, it may help another community member.

Thank you!