How to integrate TagoIO with TTN v3

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add any LoRaWAN device through TTN v3 (Network Server). By following this tutorial, your setup will be ready to perform uplink and downlink operations (data from and to your end-point devices).

When creating devices, use LoRaWAN TTI / TTN V3

1. First go to your TagoIO account, and if this is your first device connected between TTN and TagoIO, you will need to create an Authorization here . Copy it to use at TTN later.
Note : you need to create only one Authorization for all your devices.

2. Go to your TTN v3 console and create a new Integration. You can create a new integration under the menu Integrations > Webhooks > Add Webhook > TagoIO.

Fill the fields accordingly:

  • Webhook ID : Any id you want. Example: tagoio-integration
  • Webhook Format : JSON
  • Downlink API Key : If requested, enter any value that you prefer. This will be automatically send to TagoIO in order to perform downlinks.
  • Additional Headers : Create a Header for Authorization and set it’s value to the authorization previously generated at step 1.

4. Now, you just need to start adding Device in your TagoIO account.
Go to Devices/LoraWaN TTI, and choose the device connector from the list. Enter your device EUI - you can use the QR code to capture the EUI.
Note: if the device that you are looking for connecting with TagoIO is not in the list, you can always select the Custom TTI option and you can add the Parser for it later.

:grinning:Done! Just turn your device and gateway on, and you will see data arriving in your account (data bucket of the device). Start building your dashboards, analysis, and actions!
If data doesn’t show up in your TagoIO account (use the Live Inspector tab in your Device to see data arriving), make sure you can see data in your TTN console first, and check the keys and the configuration.

It’s not yet clear to me if and how I can get other data than uplink messages e.g. from the LoRa cloud location solver. In the TTN v3 Tago.IO webhook I enabled the solver but I do not see any data variables that correspond to the solver data

I believe that you must specify a route in TTN v3 for the location solver. Use the same route as the uplink.

Vitor, Using the route /uplink is finally working.

Thanks a lot

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Hello @vitor . The uplink is working for me without any issue. However I am trying to use the downlink from TagoIO to TTN V3 and it is not working.

I tried both procedures described in the documentation in (Downlink for LoRaWAN™):
1- From device/Configuration Parameters; I am getting this error on TTN side

  • _downward



Drop downlink data message

Invalid downlinks[0]: embedded message failed validation: Invalid f_port: value must be inside range [1, 255]

  • arrow_downward



Receive downlink data message



2- From Dashboard by installing an Analysis: I am getting this error when I try to do the install:

An error has ocurred while installing the template: (1621031587004) Sorry, Internal Error

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m checking this issue regarding the downlink analysis.
You can open an issue at TagoIO to keep track of when it is fixed, or I’ll update you through here later today.

Hi remiremrem,
The analysis template should be working fine now.