How to integrate TagoIO with TTI

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add any LoRaWAN device through TTI (Network Server). By following this tutorial, your setup will be ready to perform uplink and downlink operations (data from and to your end-point devices).

1. First go to your TagoIO account, and if this is your first device connected between TTI and TagoIO, you will need to create an Authorization here . Copy it to use at TTI later.
Note : you need to create only one Authorization for all your devices.

2. Go to your TTI console and create a new Integration. You can create a new integration under the menu Integrations > Webhooks > Add Webhook > TagoIO.

Fill the fields accordingly:

  • Webhook ID : Any id you want. Example: tagoio-integration
  • Authorization : Enter the authorization previously generated at step 1.

4. Now, you just need to start adding Device in your TagoIO account.
Go to Devices/LoraWaN TTI, and choose the device connector from the list. Enter your device EUI - you can use the QR code to capture the EUI.
Note: if the device that you are looking for connecting with TagoIO is not in the list, you can always select the Custom TTI option and you can add the Parser for it later.

:grinning:Done! Just turn your device and gateway on, and you will see data arriving in your account (data bucket of the device). Start building your dashboards, analysis, and actions!
If data doesn’t show up in your TagoIO account (use the Live Inspector tab in your Device to see data arriving), make sure you can see data in your TTI console first, and check the keys and the configuration.

I did this steps, but not work. Can you help me?

What about ABP devices (not OTAA) with DEV addr and no dev eui? How to connect them?

@vitor Have done all from your great guide… But i dont get any information from TTN v3… Devices sends in as they should to TTN v3 but nothing gets to TagoIO. Have also seen other members of this fourm that have the same problem. What could be wrong?

I found a solution to my problem… I didnt read enough… :slight_smile: I tried to use ttn for v3 it seems that v3 needs tti integration instead… Just like the instruction said! :slight_smile:

Hi Pidde! you ok?

I have the same problem you…could you give me more detail about your solution?.. what is TTI? i’m freshman in user TTN.

Hi Pidde,
Are you sure that the TTI works with the TTN v3 integration?

TTN v3 support is still in development for TagoIO. So would be good to know if the TTI integration can help somehow.

@douglas.oliveira When you add the device select TTI network instead of TTN network. And it works with TTN V3

@vitor Yes positive on that! I have 4 devices on my TAGO account that is on V3 on TTN (not TTI) and with selection of TTI network when added it started to work. The only thing that i found out wont work is that earlier i was getting information on lorawan channel and which spreading factor on every recived lorawan transmission but not now on v3. If you want me to test a future TTN integration just send a message and i will gladly test for you!

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Hi @vitor - any idea when we can expect Tago to receive TTN v3 traffic?

Just to confirm, I also have TTN v3 data flowing to Tago via the TTI selection when adding a device in Tago.

The relevent part of the TTN v3 JSON message is the uplink_message array with the raw payload in a field called frm_payload. What was unexpected is that TTN v3 automatically decoded this Tektelic smart room sensor (reed switch decode shown below) because I specified the sensor type when added to TTN v3. I’m guessing this will probably apply to most ‘known’ sensor types in TTN v3 which will actually save a bunch of trouble with custom payload parsers in TTN and make it easier for customers to add their additional sensors.

[uplink_message] => Array
[session_key_id] => A*******************==
[f_port] => 10
[f_cnt] => 1
[frm_payload] => AQD/CAQAAQ==
[decoded_payload] => Array
[reed_count] => 1
[reed_state] => 255

TTN recommended us to recommend users to uses TTI integration, so this is the correct course to take. We also updated the documentation to recommend TTI for TTN v3.

Can I edit a device in TagoIO where I can switch from TTN to TTI?

I have not seen a way to edit an existing device and change it from TTN to TTI. It seems you need to remove the old device and create a new one.

Currently, the only way to edit an device network connector is through the API or Analysis.

curl --request PUT \
  --url \
  --header 'Authorization: ACCOUNT-TOKEN' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '{
	"connector": "5f5a8f3351d4db99c40dece6",
	"network": "5bbd0de44051a50034cd19fc"

Notice that for this to work, you need to delete all tokens from the device, and you need to send both network ID and connector ID in the request.

You can get network and connector ID from the device creation page. When you start creating a device, the URL will show both ID’s: Connector Selection ( as ID/Connector ID

Do you have a guide for the Downlink integration setup on TTI?

Downlink at TagoIO works as same for all networks, as long you did follow the documentation for TagoIO on how to integrate the service.

For Downlinks, check:
Downlink for LoRaWAN™ - TagoIO
Downlinks using Dashboards - TagoIO

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