How to integrate TagoIO with CityKinect LoRaWAN

To integrate your TagoIO platform with CityKinect:

  1. Create, or have CityKinect create an integration account for your application.
  2. Have CityKinect create an integration token for this account.
  3. Within TagoIO: on the Devices screen, click the Authorization button:
  4. Create a token within TagoIO with the integration token you received in step 2. Click generate to obtain your TagoIO token:
  5. In your CityKinect application integration screen, create an HTTP application. Add a header with the name Authorization-Code. Add your TagoIO token from step 4 for this value:
  6. Add for all endpoint values. Save your integration.
  7. Within TagoIO, add your devices. Select HTTP for your connector type and select Custom CityKinect in the right-hand pane.
  8. Rejoice! You are done!