How to inactive a device

Hi to all,

I have a device in a profile. I want to use this device in another profile. I checked “inactive”, create this device on the new profile but I get a error on my callback

400 - Bad Request - #1

POST HTTP/1.0 device : 424638 content-length : 331 accept-encoding : gzip,deflate accept-language : fr host :

Do I have to delete this device ? My problem is that if I delete it, I am going to lose my dashboard config… thank you


well, I did few trials and I guess that the system is not liking to have 2 same ID devices - one active and one inactive - maybe on 2 different profils. But I solved the problem deleting Inactive device and re-creating the new device. Maybe a bug to solve.

Hi @max.patissier,
Thanks for sharing this situation with us, we will investigate it.
However, we are glad that you found a solution to solve your issue, congrats! :slight_smile: