How to easily empty your Buckets

Dealing with Buckets full of stale data

Although you can delete variables individually from a Bucket, it is possible to delete all of them at the same time. This feature allows you to empty your Bucket easily, conveniently and quickly.
Note: the operation to delete variables individually can take some time (minutes, depending on the size of the Bucket), but a Empty Bucket operation is performed quickly in seconds.

Emptying your Bucket

You just need a few clicks to empty a Bucket. First, go to the Buckets page in your TagoIO account.

Then, select the Bucket you want to empty. In my case, I will empty the Bucket named “Example Device” so I will open that Bucket page. When you open this page, go to the Variables tab.


In this tab you will find a button written “Empty Bucket” as highlighted in the image below. Click on this button.

Then a confirmation window of your action will open. Just type the requested text in the window and confirm your action.


That’s it! Your Bucket is already empty and you can use it again without having to deal with data you don’t want in your Bucket! Let me know if you have some questions about it!