How to define more than 1 variable in one message


I want to know how I can display 2 variables readings in one message.

For example, if I want to display the temperature data from my device I would just do something like:

Variable: Temperature. Value: 25. Unit: C.
The temperature is 25C.

What if I want to send another variable input data in the same message. For example the humidity readings too? How do I do it?

Variable: Humidity. Value: 35.

I believe you’re using Actions to trigger this message.

As Actions are made to do very quickly and simple operations, you would need to move to an Analysis in order to increase your freedom.

There is a Snippet for this kind of analysis, called “Send dynamic sms, email and push notification”. It does have additional features such getting email/phone number from the device tags. And you probably will need something like that anyway.

Let me know if you have additional questions after you check it.

And in your analysis, you will need to change it to run an Analysis instead of sending a SMS.