How to connect an external MQTT to a device?

Hi Support Team!

I’m working on a device that uses my own MQTT Broker (with another Host Adress, username and password). We connected it to Tago’s MQTT temporarily, but we want to keep the device in our own MQTT server. Is it possible to connect Tago to our MQTT server?


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TagoIO can’t work as client by native support.

But you can write an analysis to connect your mqtt broker. You would need to get an mqtt package from NPM and build your analysis to upload at TagoIO.

Check this documentation on how to build an analysis with external packages:

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Any plans to implement this natively?

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I have the same need :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that integrating TagoIO natively as a client to an MQTT broker would be the correct asnwer here.

If you do have an MQTT broker, the usual solution would be you to create a Network at TagoIO and use the HTTPs requests on server-side to send data to TagoIO.
With a Network, you do have access to an API restful route, where you can retrieve the token for any device given a serial number.

Creating a Network integration - TagoIO

It looks like two MQTT brokers can be connected using MQTT Bridge mode.
Mosquitto MQTT Bridge-Usage and Configuration (