How to configure Widget map?

Hello, we have a problem to configure widget map.

We need to put 2 locations in the map, from 2 diferents devices and we want to change the pin color in function of the variable state (for example if a variable is β€œ1”, we want to paint green color and if the variable is β€œ0” we want to paint it red color).

How is the best way to do it ?

We did it but is not working ok.

We will appreciate your response.

Hi @scostantino,

In this case, you need to use two devices, for example, device1 will send the data to the location1 variable, and device2 will send the data to the location variable.

On the Pin Configuration, you need to configure the condition to change the pin color, as you can see in the image below.

After you save the Map widget, you will need to send data to the device variable. I’m going to use the Device Emulator to send it.

Let’s send data for both variables.
TIP: Remember to change the coordinate numbers, for the pin not to be displayed on the top of each other. :wink:

Then it will be displayed like the example below:

I hope this helps you!
See you! :v:t3:

@scostantino check this post, maybe it can help you :slight_smile:

Yes! I used it, but now I need the to use the variable location setting on device configuration.