How to config a GW as a Network Server MQTT

Hi all

I have TTN connected to nice graphics on TAGIO… cool

I see setting in my RAK7258 GW that might allow me to go direct to TAGIO

Can I config the GW as a Network Server(packet forward mode) or MQTT?.. maybe
to send dat from my 10 sensors to TAGIO graphics

I do electronics not as much software… some of the settings in the Gateway are a little confusing

any help out there


Hi Harvey,
I don’t have much knowledge about the RAK7258, but you probably can setup it to connect to TagoIO using MQTT, you will need to check the manufacturer documentation and connect to TagoIO using our MQTT Broker specifications: MQTT - TagoIO

There are three points that you need to take mind tough:

  1. You can connect your Gateway directly using MQTT, but by doing this you will end up with one Device at TagoIO with all your sensors together. Therefore, you will need to build an analysis to split up the sensor data in different devices.

  2. It’s easier to just use a Network such as free one like TTI and others. The data will already arrive splitted in different devices that you create using the sensor EUI.

  3. You can also create your own network at TagoIO. It will give you a http’s route that you can use to get the Device-Token and then send the data directly to the correct device. That requires you to create an service and host it somewhere. Check our tutorials about making your own TagoIO Network:
    Creating a Network integration - TagoIO
    How to create your own Network to integrate with TagoIO - How to - TagoIO Community

Hi vitor

Yes i have and it’s easy to set up TTN to TAGO
My problem is TTN is rather costly after 10 devices

I understand you do not know the Rak 7258 Gateway ….that is okay by me😊
It has a network server and an application server
I have four devices successfully connected at the moment using packet forwarding to TTN

Feel free to have a look at my dashboard in my account

I will try to follow your MQTT or maybe use packet forwarding to TAGO if you have any more practical tutorials or an example on MQTT I would be most grateful👍