How to changed threshold with input form

You would like to know if it is possible to create an entered in the form on the dashboard that allows the end-user to modify the limits of a variable thus modifying the conditions established in the widget:
Ex: temperature variable:, limits: 10 to 20 C - “green” status if greater than 30 C the status is “red” this is the initial setup.

However, the limits may vary according to the need by entering the form on the same dashboard. In this case, is an action used or is it necessary to use analysis?


Hi @tulio.souza,
Just to keep the ticket answer in here too. :wink:
Yes, it is possible, just create a form with the configuration variables you want.
You only need to run analysis if you want to do something when the user enters the value.
For example, when your user sets the limit, he will create an action with the limits inserted in the form. You can use this if you want to configure/edit something, then you need to run it. But if you just write to a variable and nothing else, you won’t need it. This will depend on the business rule you want to make.
See you!

Hi Aline, thanks for reply. I got more information, In this case the end user will be fill the form the limit that will be assigned to variable.
For example: Create a form field on the dashboard to input any value, after it such values as assign as variable limits.
For example:

field value temperature limit max: insert value from form.
field value temperature limit min: insert value from form.

How to create a form out of widgtet without inform any variable?

Hi @tulio.souza,
It’s not possible, you need to inform a variable to be able to create a form.