How can users define their devices in Run environment?

I have difficulties in configuring blueprint dashboard and users, so that they can can connect devices to this dashboard.

I created a Blueprint dashboard, and configured a “Run App”, with a Policy and a " URL domain".
I sent the URL to another user, he did the log in process and I could validate his access.
But now when he connects to the URL he can see my blueprint dashboard, which is empty. He does not see my devices, and he has no way to create a device by himself.
It seems also he cannot reference an existing device he has in environment.
I tried with another user, and also by inviting myself as a user, but the result is the same: I cannot myself connect any device to this dashoard when I log in through the Domain URL.

So I think I missed something.
I found some help and tutorials to create a blueprint dashboard, and to manage users permissions (may be I did it wrong). But I could find nothing that explain the user’s side…
Can you help please?

All the best.

Hi, I provide an answer to myself (and for others) as I solved my issue!

In fact I created access Policy/Permission related to the dashboard, but I missed to create permission related to the devices allowed to be used in this dashboard.

My misunderstanding was due to the fact that I read somewhere that Run Users could use their own devices in a Blueprint dashboard, which seems not to be the case.


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You can use an analysis and the Input Widget to create devices in your account.

You can do that by adding the input widget to a dashboard, and then setting the widget to run an analysis. In your analysis you can create the device with the EUI and tags that you want to.