Having two device types in a dashboard

I have a dashboard set up to show volumes of storage vessels. There are two types, Horizontal Tanks and vertical tanks. Is it possible to show both device types in the one dropdown? I thought I would simply add a second filter, but I don’t think this works…any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi @sevils,
It’s right your dashboard configuration.
After this configuration you will need to have in your device the tag key: device_type, and the value: Horizontal Tank or Vertical Tank.

Ok, thanks @alinetusi, I’ll double check and hopefully should all be good!

Not exactly what I’m chasing, I would like two filters only, one for client, the other for horizontal or vertical tanks. The above method shows three filters…

Is it possible to get both horizontal and vertical tanks into the one dropdown?

Hi @sevils,

Yes, you can have the same dropdown with both tank types, all you need to do is configure the devices you want with the same tag/value and the blueprint device to select devices with that same tag/value.

For instance here I configure the Vertical Tank with the device_type tag and the value set to tank. All devices you want to be listed as an option for your Blueprint Device in the dropdown need to have this key, so in your case you need to do the same for the Horizontal Tank.

Then in your dashboard you configure the Blueprint Device with the name you want and add the same tag/value pair you used on your devices. In this case, the any_tank blueprint device will be any device with the device_type tag set to tank.


You should now have your blueprint device dropdown with both tank types available.


Let me know if this helps you.

Ok, that makes sense, thanks for that.