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It is awesome that has the connection I need, (Seeed SenseCap Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor). Is there some guidance on where to get, (or how to generate), the decoder script that needs to be used in the Helium console?

I am not a programmer, so I was hoping to find a easy script writing interface that would pretty much write the necessary code from simpler choices of functionality.

In particular, the script I am using, was received from sensecap, and appears to be transmitting data every hour. Once an hour is great for a working system but horrible for troubleshooting.

I could use a little help from someone that has integrated the Seeed SenseCap Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor into the platform.

Hi @helium! Welcome to our community!

I moved this post to the “Devices & Connectors” category. Soon our team will reply to your question.


Thanks Phil,

I had a scheduled call with David Hall for this morning but, he cancelled at the last minute.

Hopefully one of your user can give me a little guidance.

All help is appreciated.

Brien Hamilton

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Hi @helium,

This integration with this hardware is already done, you just need to insert the dev EUI and turn on the device.
Seeed SenseCap Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor this link is to use the Helium Lorawan provider, if you will use other providers, please back one step and select your network provider.

So, the next step is show the data from device by creating a dashboard.

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