Get fixed map views on dashboards

Hi community,

We are working on a vehicle tracking application with different dashboard for different users and each dashboard need to show a specific geographic zone with their own geofences. The vehicles travel between different zones, but each user need to see just their own zone, and we have seen that if vehicle location changes, the maps of all dashboards change to reflect the location of all vehicles.

Question: is it possible to have fixed views on maps widget on different dashboards? the idea is to show only the zone the user need to see.


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Hi @martin.gallardo,

Yes, that’s possible using a blueprint dashboard.

The idea here is to create a single dashboard, lets say with a map widget. That map widget will only plot pins (as vehicles) for that device selected only, if you switch through devices, it will show different map data (such as pins, zones (geofences) and so on… ).

See an example below:

When you switch to a different device (Farm) a different data is displayed on the map.


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