Geolocation using GPS from mobile devices

A very useful feature to use on your TagoRUN platform if you need to know the location of your users is the Mobile Feature called Geolocation. This feature allows your user to have their location tracked from their mobile phone straight to their TagoRUN solution quickly and conveniently. To use this feature in your application it is very simple and easy, you just have to go to the screen below and set up a few things, you can quickly put this feature in your RUN.

Note: End-users need to allow the App to get and share their locations (opt-in).

You will need to configure the following fields according to your needs:

  • Send data to: You can choose between TagoIO platform or an external server, the option you choose in this field will reflect the field immediately to the right. If you choose TagoIO you must select the device that will receive the user’s location data, and if you choose external server you must enter the middleware URL that will be responsible for this location data.

  • Buffer size: If the user application cannot send the location, it will add this location data to a buffer. This field is for you to choose the buffer size.

  • Minimum distance (meters): Field where you define the minimum distance the user must move for a new location to be considered.

  • Minimum interval (seconds): Field where you set the minimum time interval for the app to retrieve the user’s location again and send it.

With these fields configured, you simply activate the feature on your TagoRUN by pressing the “Add Feature” key. This will make the feature available immediately to your application and users will be able to start using it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you had difficulty using this feature, please submit your question and I will be happy to help you.