Firing Analysis multiple times


What is the expected behavior of the analysis script when triggered multiple times, that is, a new action triggers the same analysis script before the last one ends? This analysis script contains some accesses to the Data bucket, which seem to delay the execution of the code and then a new packet arrives from the connector, triggering a new action and calling for a new analysis. The result is that the analysis is not completed correctly and the next one too.

How I can solve this?

Hi @ricardo,
All analysis runs in asynchronous way. That means once it is fired, it runs until the ends no matter if another instance of the same analysis is running or not.

If you’re using an action by variable to trigger the analysis, this is the expected behaviour.

The only solution to have more control over the analysis run is to change your action to trigger in a scheduled time. This way you can check if anything has changed and take your actions accordingly.

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