Filtering two or more different devices on blueprint dashboards

In order to accomplish filtering devices on Blueprint dashboards we will need to play around with tags, which will be responsible for the relation to the right devices.

Here I will be following an Building → apartments example, so we want to filter only those apartments which is related to that building.

Give a device_type so you can catch properly on your blueprint dashboard.

And then put the same tag on both so we can set a filter after.

Create a BP dashboard

Add 2 devices, with the correct device_type tags

Now you need to click on the filter icon, beside the red trash icon. (Notice that you will be filtering the second device, so you need to click on the second one)

Create a filter condition

as it is saying if bldg_dev matches the tag bldg, it will be visible.

Now you should have the following result:

Thank you!
Guilherme Oliveira