Email Services are not working Question

Hello there,

We are trying to use an analysis to send an email whenever the analysis runs. Attached to this is the code for it. It says that the email is successfully sent but yet I do not see the email that it is sent to. We have the email in the environment variables of the device, along with the phone and user_id and both work as intended except for the email.


Hi Daniel,
if the TagoIO function says it was sent, it probably means it is working.

You may need to check the email provider that you’re sending to. Maybe it is in the spam folder.

Hi Vitor,

I am sending this to my gmail and I have checked it in my spam folder and nowhere to be found. I also had someone else test it and they did not receive the email and it is not in their spam.


Hi, @daniel.

Can you confirm that the value that you are getting from the email_tag.value is correct?

Would be great if you could share all the code that you developed with us, this way we can help you better.

Hello there. Attached to this is all the code and proof that the email_tag.value is correct.

Hi, @daniel

I did some tests here to check if our email service is working properly, and it is.

Can you check if your email service is working correctly? Maybe it is blocking the emails coming from Tago.

Hello Gabriel,

I can confirm that my email service is working properly and I am able to send and receive emails from other companies. I have someone else who can verify that for me and as well as on their side.




Hi @daniel,
I checked your e-mail and it is all right from our side. Just to be clear, your email isn’t in our blacklist e-mail.

However, there is another test that you can do… you can test with another e-mail, for example, if the @gmail works, it’s an issue with your server. If it doesn’t work it an issue with your script.

Please, send me feedback after you finish this test.

Hi Aline,

I am not using an external server to run the scripts. I have tried multiple emails and it still has not worked. I don’t think it’s anything on my script since I am using ‘Send dynamic email, sms and push notification’ snippet analysis from Tago.


Hi @solomon and @daniel,

I’m Software Architect at TagoIO, I just found the problem on your account, for some reason the DNS records on your end is wrong, our email service is blocked to send email using your domain.

to fix that, you need to fix a wrong record on your dns manager:

The wrong record is:


and it should be:


After you do that, the email service should be work as you expect.

If you are using another service to send email, we can deploy another sub-domain just for TagoIO, if it is your case, tell me.

I’m sorry for that, but if you change your dns records it can stop our service to run correct on your account.