Duplicating dashboards and associating with other devices

All the variables shown in the copied dashboard can come from another device, not from the original.

Because we all need to save time these days, I thought about sharing this tip with you.

It’s very simple to create another dashboard from the original by following these steps:

  • Go on your dashboard and click on the three dots (…);

  • Select the option Duplicate;

  • Give a name for your new dashboard;

  • Change the button “Keep dashboard associated with the same devices" to No;

  • Click on Duplicate;

Go to your duplicated dashboard (new) and click on it. The first thing it will ask you is to associate its variables with a device. Just choose one from the list!

Of course, the selected devices should send the expected variables to populated the dashboard correctly.

Hey you, I want to know what you think about this tip, let your comments below!