Duplicate Device

Is it possible to duplicate a device? I need to create a whole bunch of very similar devices that depend on some complex payload parsers. I realize that some of the tokens, buckets etc will be different and need to be reconfigured but being able to copy the name, connector, parser, tags etc would be useful.

Another possibility would be if multiple devices could share the same parser. Actually that would be more useful, as a change in a single parser could be propagated across all devices

Hi @graemerae,

You can’t duplicate a device using TagoIO front-end, but you can create one or a batch of devices using the TagoIO analysis. See the documentation here: https://docs.tago.io/en/articles/120

About the connector: Yes, TagoIO allows your devices to inherit all configurations from a connector, but today users can’t create a personal connector by front-end. In the next weeks, it will be released to the users.
If you need a personal connector ASAP, you should send a ticket to the TagoIO support and they will show you the conditions for you having it. https://admin.tago.io/support