Downlinks not working with TTI

Hi there,

I have followed the documentation for setting up the Downlinks from the Dashboard. But I get the following error from the Analysis console.

2020-12-04 10:56:06] Downlink failed with status 400
[2020-12-04 10:56:06] {“status”:false,“error”:“use uri /uplink or /downlink”}
[2020-12-04 10:56:06] Trying to send the downlink
[2020-12-04 10:56:06] URI:}
[2020-12-04 10:56:06] data: {“device”:“0004A30B00EB5D08”,“authorization”:“atf900c796fc66405a974adc206df1308b”,“payload”:“00”,“port”:1}
[2020-12-04 10:56:05] Downlink analysis started
[2020-12-04 10:56:05] Starting analysis 5fc566b3c5b8c700274989c0.

What is missing? the downlink key is sent from TTI through the header “X-Downlink-Apikey”

Any help is very much appreciated.


Hi @sbandaru,
Please take a look at this post: Ttn_payload is no longer available for TTN/TTI