Downlink to tektelic

Dear Team,

I am facing an error in sending DL to tektelic NS. When i create a new dashbord and send the DL to tektelic, the DL reaches the tektelic NS.

But when i assign the same analysis to different dashboard it gives the following error:

2021-04-12 15:22:49] Downlink failed with status 400
[2021-04-12 15:22:49] Downlink schedule error Device with devEUI: [0004A30B00F8EC4A] wasn't found!
[2021-04-12 15:22:48] Trying to send the downlink
[2021-04-12 15:22:48] {"device":"0004A30B00F8EC4A","authorization":"atab84c4e46ae7493cbb81098727959385","payload":"00","port":1}
[2021-04-12 15:22:48] Downlink analysis started
[2021-04-12 15:22:48] Starting analysis 607442fb75e1c20012303d9e

When i tried to send the DL to the same device from another TagoIO account it works fine. I am not sure why does it occurs.

Kindly request to help me on this.

Thank you.