Display-widget: Values side-by-side

Hi there

Is it somehow possible to have multiple values side-by-side in a Display-widget?

Like in the old dashboard?

Currently, in the new dashboard the values are only viewable by clicking manually on the widget:

So with the new dashboard I can’t make a space-saving overview of a lot of sensor values.
This is a big disappointment with the new dashboard layout.

And the migration from old to new dashboard needs a lot of time…

Hi Christian,
I understand your side.
This functionality of the Icons widget was removed in the new version. The reason is that it does have a lot of issues related to font-size, font-weigth and resize of the widget. So it was a needed change we had to make in this widget. You can achieve similar result by creating different Icon widgets.

We are researching to achieve a better result with a different feature. Any news will be available on our blog Blog - TagoIO