Display waveform and FFT charts on dashboard

I am searching for some solutions to exhib my data on dashboard as waveform and FFT charts. What widgets are recommended to show it? What are the maximum number of data points to be displayed? Tips to achieve that?
I am using line widget, but still can’t get a correct visualization.
Data is saved into bucket as [0.11714950944,0.10706130411,0.0911365971,…]

Thanks in advance!

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I believe that the Line Widget would be the best to do that.

Widgets does can show a limit of 10.000 data at once.

You can also develop your own custom widget by following this tutorial: Custom Widget (iFrame)

Regarding you not being able to display your data. Would be good if you can paste a screenshot of your live inspector for the device here. That would point us what can be the issue you’re experiencing.

Is not a valid data to TagoIO. If you are being able to store data like this, I’m assuming you’re using MQTT and it is actually storing this information as value of the payload variable.
You will need to normalize this data to TagoIO format, which you can do by using payload parser. Better instructions are available at In-depth guide to Payload Parser

Hello @vitor!
Yes, I use MQTT and store this data in my bucket. I have attached screenshot of the live inspector showing message payload.

I have different charts to plot, some with about 5k data points, so my guess is it’s not applicable to save each data point on variables, because it will hit data usage limits in a short time. Instead, it would be great to store data in chunked arrays and work with data like that (just one variable in each stored array and later we can recreate data in a single array). Is there any application that use this concept, or maybe it’s even possible with a custom widget?

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With the value in the format you’re using, you will not be able to use this variable with any widget from TagoIO. This is not the case for custom widget, as you can do whatever you want with it and make it able to read the variable in any format you store.

That said, if you want to use TagoIO widgets with this variable, you will need to have it stored in different variables.

Documentation regarding custom widgets is available at Custom Widget (iFrame)

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