Deleting Variables

I have a small number of LoRaWAN devices sending small amounts of data every 20-60 minutes. Despite this, I have already exceeded data registers and also today the data input limits. Part of this is having data retention that is set to “forever” by default, so I have fixed that. But also I don’t actually see how to delete variables … deleting them seems to just clear out accumulated data … but what if I actually don’t want to collect, store or process the data itself … do I have a way dealing with that? The issue is that the LoRaWAN gateways (TTN v2) add a LOT of metadata – suppose I just don’t want to deal with any of it on It’s clearly filling up my buckets fast :frowning:


Hi Pat Molloy,

Yes you can ignore unwanted variables that comes on your device, follow the instructions below:

  1. On your device click on “Payload Parser” tab;

  1. Enable Run your own parser

  1. Follow the code instrunctions; Basicly just include on ingnore_vars array the variables you want to ingnore.

Thats it;

Thank you,
Guilherme Oliveira

Perfect, thanks :slight_smile: