Date and time in bucket

Hi everyone,

I am creating a pdf using data from an input form and I want to display date and time that I sent the data entered in that input form.Until then, I was able to filter all the data except the date and time that already comes within the platform and not as a creation variable.

I want to filter something like this:

Remembering that I’m filtering them inside an analysis.
Is there already a variable in which this date and time are stored on the device? If not, how do I get them?


I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking.

You want to add variables to a device from an Input Form, but change the date/time of the variable from another field in this same Input Form?

I want to insert this “Date and Time” into a variable in my analysis so I can use it.

I still don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

When you receive data in your analysis, you have access to the “time” parameter in all variables, which you can use to perform other actions.
This is available through any variable that arrives through “scope” or by using the “getData” method.


If you want to insert data using a different date/time, you just need to send the parameter “time” as a ISO string, exactly like the image above.

"variable": "test",
"value": 1,
"time": "2021-06-01T17:21:11.948Z"