Data Registers questions

Hi, I’m fairly new to TagoIo, and have been busy setting up the platform to suit my requriements, and so far I’ve got it running nicely for a number of devices.
My question relates to the Data Registers. I have created very simple payload parsers, only bringing in essential data (mostly 3-4) on each uplink. Some of these devices then run through an analysis, which usually created another 3 registers.
Currently I am on the starter account, having 100 devices etc…
It seems I am allowed to have 800,000 data registers before needing to pay for more. However, this seems way too little for devices…
For example a weather station will produce 8 registers, and this data is critical to keep for quality assurance, so this sensor alone would use the 800,000 in one year! It’s updating every 5 minutes.
I can see that for a lot of my sensors, I can only keep data for say one month, and that’s fine. But others it’s critical to keep all data.
Is there a best practice for data management? Can I store older data somewhere else to bring in if needed?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @sevils,

You can use the TagoIO data retention to manage the device data individually. Also, you can customize your data register plan. Just to go to your account settings and upgrade the add-on "Data Registers", you don’t need to change to another plan, only customize this add-on.