Creating tags for TagoRUN user with hidden fields

This hidden field is important because you can use it to trigger a resource change in your Actions. I won’t go deep on this subject, but for example, you can set up an Action to send yourself a notification for each new user that signs up on TagoRUN.

You need to go to your TagoRun > Signup Page > and fill the fields with the information that you want.

TIP: Each field that you add turns into a tag once the user signs up. The field name is equivalent to the tag key and the field value is equivalent to the tag value.

The Placeholder is the help text inside of the field. You should put a message that guides the user on what he should enter in this field.

For hidden types, the placeholder is actually the value of the tag.

After you configurated the signup fields they will be displayed this way for your new users:

See that the field type that I set up as Hidden it isn’t displayed to the user because it will just be used to set up the Action, it’s a feature to help the developers.

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