Confirmation on Push Button Press


Is there any way to have a popup appear with a confirmation prompt when a user presses a button?

Press button → Popup appears asking “Are you sure you would like to continue?”

Appreciate any insight!

Hi @jefft some actions can be set to pop up a confirmation modal, to what action exactly do you wish to appear that?

Hi @guilhermeco ,

I have a push button widget that toggles a variable between two different states. I also have an action setup that has that variable as a trigger. So, when that variable is changed, an analysis is run. I would like to popup a confirmation window before the variable is changed, if possible. The “submit” button on the input form has the exact functionality that I’m looking for:

Is there any way to do that on a push-button widget?

Let me know if that is unclear!

@jefft perfect clear.

Well, not for the push button, unfortunately.

What I recommend is for you to open a ticket recommending that feature to be implemented on the Push Button. Admin

A “for now” solution would be 1. Use form with a dropdown with 2 states. (easiest) 2. custom widget (hardest)