Compose widget usage

Hi everyone,

I am having a lot of difficulties in trying to use the Compose widget for the Normal dashboard (set pin positions through editor) and the documentation is not helpful.
Could you please help me in understanding and making this widget work as intended.
These are the issues/questions:

  • Pins disappearing from the widget
    After adding the variables that should be displayed in the Compose widget (‘Data From’ field), I am able to see them in the editor for adding pins.
    Unfortunately, after adding the pins (configuring custom icon, label etc.) and pressing the ‘Save’ button, they are usually not displayed on the widget.
    However this is not always the case, and I will try to list some of the situations that I have encountered:

    1. Changing icon from the editor for one pin removes all the pins from the widget.
    2. Adding another device data and trying to display it with the pin removes all the other pins from the widget.
    3. After all the pins have disappeared (and they are not listed in the editor), they are sometimes retrieved when some action happens (e.g. adding the new pin).

    Could you help me in defining what is the best approach for adding variables and displaying them with this widget?

  • Display more variables from the same bucket
    Is there a possibility to display two variables from the same bucket?
    After adding them(‘Data From’ field), I am only able to see the option in Editor for adding one per bucket.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @nikola.milenkovic

Sorry for the late reply,

Our team is assisting you through the ticket system.

Do you mind if I close this topic?

Phil Gutierre

Hi @phil.gutierre,

Yes, it is ok to close it.