Chart x axis max lenght with max time period?

is it possible to make line chart not from max data points but from max time period,
so that chart is automaticli averaging and/or reducing data points so that longer time period can be shown

like when i have to much data points but i want to make a month ot two long graph
the graph could show, for example, every 5. points, then the server does not have to deal with averaging

Hi @mortenx83,

Yes! It’s possible, you will need to use the Performance feature, I’m going to show you how.
First, go to Data Range & Format to inform the time range of the data.

You can do so using Downsampling. Downsampling is the process of reducing the sampling rate of a signal, this is usually done to reduce the data rate or the size of the data.

To enable downsampling, go to Performance, and click Enable Downsampling.
In the Threshold field you must set the minimum data amount for the downsampling to get triggered. For example, if you set 1000, then the downsampling will only activate once the data amount of the chart surpasses 1000 points.

In the Factor field, inform a number that will act as the average data point ratio. For example, if you set this field as 10 then the chart will calculate the average of 10 points and display them in the chart as a single point.

The greater the Factor is, the less accurate the data becomes.

On the image above, I set up the Threshold = 100 and the Factor = 10, this means that my downsampling will only occur once I have more than 100 data points in my chart, and for every 10 data points, the chart will display their average as a single dot.

seems that this function only changes how chart looks, but dont affect data points and chart lenght

i have two day temp chart with 500 points first and second is same and with performance function 50 factor, but chart lenght is same…
if i select export chart to xls , then there is also no effect with perfomance factor functon

Hey @mortenx83,

Yes, the performance functionality of the chart indeed does not modify the data length shown in the chart, it only shows the average of the points already in the chart.

To modify the data length, you need to change the start and end date of your chart in the X axis options, and change the maximum number of points accordingly

Notice how in the image above I set the start date as 2 years ago, and the end date as now.

In regards to the export xls button, we are working to apply the same performance function in there. Performance is a new feature and it is still in beta, which means that we are slowly improving it and soon enough the factor will be applied in the file export as well!

Does this post answers your questions, @mortenx83?

Feel free to reply, I’ll be more than happy to help again.


but problem is that max data points in chart are 10 000 and this defines max chart length also…
if my data point interval is 5 min, then max chart length is 10 000 / ( 60/5 *24)= 34,7 days and that with one data stream, if i want 3 data stream in one chart then max chart lenght would be 34,7 / 3 =11,5 days

it would be nice to put averaging function before generating chart
then chart are made from reduced data points and can be done with longer time period and data point number remains small

Hey @mortenx83,
Currently, the maximum amount of data points allowed is 10k and the downsample factor is only applied after the data has been acquired from our servers, like you said.

We have plans to increase the maximum amount of data points allowed, but currently, there is no way to put the downsample function before generating the chart.

One thing you could do is work with Analysis to generate your own custom average based on your primary variable and then put the result in another variable. Using Analysis you could acquire the data from the server in chunks of 10k data points and calculate their average there.

Depending on the average factor this could increase your data storage by quite a bit.

If you are interested, here is our documentation link for Analysis:

Feel free to reply once again, I’ll be happy to help.

All the best,

is it possible to request data from server so that chart is requesting data and says time period also and if in this time period is more points than 10 000 then only every second or third or forth point is aquired to chart.

if averaging is not possible then taking only some points (over two , over three…) from data stream would be good also

i see that for now its possible to add more time to chart length is to reduce data points upload interval like from 5 min to 20 min

Hey @mortenx83,
Currently, it’s not possible to bypass this 10k data limit, even by specifying a time period. Our back-end doesn’t allow you to fetch more than the limit or even to fetch every 2nd or 3rd data point.

I’ll talk to our back-end engineers to see if they can think of a solution for you.

Either way, soon we’ll start working on data streaming from the back-end, which will give you much more freedom regarding the data points that you want to fetch!

For now, were you able to succeed by increasing the time interval between each data point?